Online Glitch Repair Tool
For Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
( PC Only )

Only for Version 1 & Version 2 Saves

Select the name of glitch you want to repair for.
Upload corrupt file and then download repaired file from link provided .

Pedestrians Riot (Aggressive Madd Dogg / Girl Friends) Downloadable fix
Basket Ball  ( No Ball At Court )
Taxi  ( No Fares )
Pool Table  ( No Player At Table )
Barriers  ( Barriers Not Removed )
Gym ( Can't Use Equipments )
Traffic (Cars Suddenly Taking U-Turns)
Pimping  ( Can't Start Mission )
Stray Blips ( Destination Blips ) Select blip here
No Blip ( Yay Ka Boom Boom Mission Starter )

  Move Save Disk (For Basketball glitch only)

Documentation / Reference :SA Save File Glitch Detection and Repair by OrionSR
Some Useful Links :  Basket ball bug fix - Gym bug fix by Artem Khassanov ,          
 Taxi fix by pdescobar                           

         Savegame Converter for GTA SA              

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